With egretech, we aspire to be a leading youthful energy technology brand globally,Setting trends and providing stylish, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions to young consumers worldwide. Our products embody innovation and uniqueness, focusing on youthful designs and portability, infusing energy technology with vibrancy to drive the future of energy with youthful spirit.

Dear Customers,

I am Steve, an electronics engineer from China. For the past couple of decades, I have been deeply engaged in various electronic engineering projects. Five years ago, during my study abroad in the United States, I noticed that many people faced significant challenges in energy consumption across different regions of the country. It was during this time that I met my partners, Yilin and Raiden, who shared the same concerns and passion for energy technology and addressing energy-related issues. Motivated by this shared vision, we decided to establish our own energy storage brand.

Egretech, derived from "Energetic Tech." This name not only reflects our dedication to solving energy problems for our customers but also embodies the youthful, dynamic, and innovative spirit of our team.

During the early stages of egretech, we conducted extensive market research by traveling to various countries, including Japan, Europe, and the United States, to participate in exhibitions and gather valuable insights on market trends and specific customer demands. After a series of thorough investigations, we proudly introduced the Plume and Sonic series. The Plume 300w, with its sleek, minimalist, and fashionable design that redefines portability, received enthusiastic applause and recognition from our customers. We take immense pride in our success in the market, knowing that this is just the beginning of our journey.....

Egretech, P.M.

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