1.Can I use third-party solar panels?

You can use third-party solar panels with power kits as long as the voltage of the solar panel array for each port matches our product.

2.Do all Egretech portable power stations come with pure sine wave inverters?

Yes, all Egretech portable power stations use pure sine wave inverters. Pure sine wave inverters produce cleaner, smoother, quieter and more reliable power to run appliances and electronics without interruption.

3.How do I know if the Egretech portable charging station can charge my device and for how long?

First, assess the device that needs charging. As long as the working voltage and power are within the working power range of the power station, it can be powered by the power station. If you are unsure about this, please feel free to contact us: Service@egretech.com.

4.Are solar panels waterproof?

We waterproofed the solar panels, but I wouldn't recommend using them in the rain. Portable solar panels are not completely waterproof like rigid solar panels. Long-term exposure to rain may reduce battery efficiency.

5.How do l maximize the efficiency of solar panels?

These steps will help you get the most out of your solar panels: 1. Set up your panels correctly: The orientation as well as the angle it tilts at should be right. 2. Avoid shadow areas: Any amount of shadow will affect solar panel production. 3. Keep your panels clean: Dirt or debris reduces the panel’s efficiency. 4. Don’t get panels too hot: Good air circulation or a cool atmosphere around panels will help.