Warranty Content

Warranty Period

The warranty period of this product is 24 months, which is calculated from the date of purchase. In order to determine the start date of the warranty period, the consumer is required to provide proof of the sales receipt for the first purchase.

Warranty Policy

We will provide warranty service for performance failures of products used normally by consumers within the warranty period. If the product is damaged due to improper use by consumers, appropriate repair fee will be charged if repair is needed.

Non-warranty Regulations

1. The product exceeds the warranty period specified by the Company; 2. Damage caused by unauthorized repair and unauthorized modification; 3. The original serial number label of the product is altered or forged; 4. Performance damage caused by improper storage, such as product being exposed to abnormal humidity and temperature for a long time; 5. Damage caused by artificial abuse and misuse without following the operation manual; 6. Exterior damage caused by abnormal use, damage due to man-made collision, damage caused by force majeure.

How to Obtain Warranty Service

If our customers determine to need further help, please contact the local distributor where the product was purchased. They will give you a return material authorization ("RMA") number and will provide you with a prepaid return label that you can use to mail the product.You must pack the product correctly and clearly mark the RMA number on the package, including proof of the date you purchased the product. We will process your return and send you your repaired or replaced product at our expense. For products purchased or shipped outside North America, please contact the local distributor where the product was purchased for details.