EGRETECH Sonic 1200W Portable Power Station 999Wh Capacity
EGRETECH 1200w Portable Power Station
EGRETECH 1200w Portable Power Station
EGRETECH 1200 Watt Portable Power Station
EGRETECH Home Power Stations 1200W/999Wh
EGRETECH 1200W/999Wh Power Station for Home
EGRETECH Portable Power Station with Lifepo4 Battery
EGRETECH 1200W Lifepo4 Portable Power Station
EGRETECH 1200W Portable Power Station with Foldable Solar Panel
EGRETECH Sonic 1200 Portable Power Station 1200W/999Wh

EGRETECH Sonic 1200 Portable Power Station 1200W/999Wh

$399.00 $999.00
• 1200W AC output power
• 3 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car)
• G-flow Inverter Technology, charging to 80% in just one hour
• Automotive-grade BMS continuously monitors battery status
• 8 Outputs For Multiple Devices
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30 Days Free Return and Exchange
Commitment to warranty within 2+2 years

Compact Yet More Power

Experience the perfect blend of compact design and exceptional power with the S1200W. Its sleek, space-saving build conceals a mighty 1200-watt battery capacity, ready to fuel all your energy needs. Unleash the possibilities with efficient solar charging. S1200W: Where compact meets colossal power

With the S1200W, you're never left in the dark

Compact yet powerful, the S1200W is your ultimate energy companion. With its sleek design and a robust 1200-watt battery capacity, it's ready to meet all your power needs. No matter where or when, count on the S1200W for dependable electricity.

G-Flow: Unique Bidirectional Inverter Technology

Experience the power of G-Flow's unique bidirectional inverter technology, allowing you to charge up to 80% in just one hour. Stay connected and powered up with unparalleled efficiency.

Indoor Backup Power with S1200W

Ensure uninterrupted indoor power with the S1200W portable backup solution. Stay prepared for unexpected outages and enjoy peace of mind in any situation.

Powering Your Outdoor Adventures

Experience limitless outdoor possibilities with the S1200W portable power station. Compact and versatile, it's your reliable source of energy for every adventure.

Harness Solar Power with Ease

Supporting solar panels for a truly green energy source. Embrace renewable energy and reduce your carbon footprint effortlessly.
EGRETECH Sonic 1200 Portable Power Station
Battery Information
Capacity 37V:27Ah;999Wh
Cell Chemistry Lithium battery
Lifecycles >1000 cycles to 80%
Management System BMS, over voltage protection, short circuit protection..
Charging Time
AC charger(1000W Max) ≈1.67h
Car charger(200W Max) ≈9h
solar Panel(200W Max) 6-7h
AC output 120V/60hz,1200W Max,Pure sine wave
USB-A output (×2): 24W Max
USB-C output(×2): 132W Max
WLC output(×1): 15W Max
AC input(×1): 1000W Max
PV input(×1): 200W Max
Basic Information
Net weight ≈22.05lbs(10kg)
Dimensions 11.81×8.46×7.68in(300×215×195mm)
Operating Temperature(Discharging) 14-104℉(-10℃-40℃)
Operating Temperature(charging) 32-104℉(0℃-40℃)
Certification FCC;ROHS;CE;PSE;UN38.3
Warranty 24 months
Optional Accessory Egretech 100W Portable solar panel
User Manual
EGRETECH Sonic 1200 Portable Power Station 1200w/999Wh User Manual Download Now >>
What is in the box?
EGRETECH Sonic 1200 Portable Power Station
1、Sonic 1200W * 1
2、Operation manual &warranty card * 1
3、AC cable * 1
4、Car charger to DO cable * 1
What is the warranty period for Egretech?

You can enjoy 4-year warranty for power station. Within the warranty period, if you have any questions, please contact:

How to keep this product when it is not used for a long time?

1. Keep the battery between 60% and 80% of its rated capacity. It is recommended that the battery be checked and charged every 3 months to keep it within this range. 2. 2. Store the battery in a dry and cool environment with a temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C. 3. 3. Ensure that the humidity in the storage area is between 0% and 60%. 4. 4. Avoid exposing the battery to corrosive substances as they can damage the integrity and performance of the battery. 5. Keep batteries away from fire hazards and heat sources to prevent potential damage or overheating. By following these guidelines, you can help maintain the condition of your battery and extend its overall life during extended periods of inactivity.

What kind of solar panel should I choose for the Sonic 1200W?

You can use a solar panel with a DC 5521 charging connector and a total open circuit voltage range of 12-24V for charging with this device. For your safety, we recommend that you use it together with the 1X Egretech PSP 200W.

Is it normal that when I turn on the 110V power supply without any equipment connected, the fan cycles continuously and the equipment gets hot?

Please don't worry, a little temperature is normal, our fan will run when the temperature reaches a certain level to keep the equipment running. Our devices are verified and tested with relevant certificates, please feel free to use them. If still have questions, please contact the customer service center email:

Whether the charging station can be kept warm for use when the weather is below zero?

There is no problem as long as attention is paid to ventilation and heat dissipation. At low temperatures of -10 to 0 degrees Celsius, the working condition of the machine will be limited, while at low temperatures of -10 to 20 degrees Celsius, the working condition of the machine will be more affected. If the machine is to be insulated, ventilation and heat dissipation are required to prevent the machine from operating at high internal temperatures.