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Egretech 2+2 Years Warranty

Orders purchased by customers on Amazon, the website or any offline direct store are covered by the extended warranty.

Products eligible for extended warranty: S1200, S1500, S2200.

The scope of after-sales service includes any product quality issues that are not the result of human factors.

The following situations are not covered by after-sales service:
1.Disassembly & Modification, such as signs of tampering or alteration of labels, serial numbers, water damage indicators, etc.
2.Accidental damage & improper use, including breakage due to dropping, natural disasters, and other force majeure factors.
3.Abuse, use in non-standard scenarios, connection of incompatible accessories not in accordance with the instructions, and exceeding power limits.
4.Misuse, for example; water ingress, insertion of components not in compliance with specifications.
5.Prolonged non-use and failure to charge the battery, as this is a battery-powered product. It should be fully charged within one month of receipt, and at least once every six months to maintain its battery life.

*Warranty period is calculated from the day of your purchase order.


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