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EGRETECH Sonic 2200W Home Backup Power Station 2200Wh Capacity
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EGRETECH Lithium Ion Power Station
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EGRETECH 2000 Watt Portable Power Station
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EGRETECH  2200 Watt Power Station Support Solar Panel Recharging
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EGRETECH Sonic 2200 Backup Power Station 2200W/2200Wh
EGRETECH Sonic 2200 Backup Power Station 2200W/2200Wh
EGRETECH Sonic 2200 Backup Power Station 2200W/2200Wh
EGRETECH Sonic 2200 Backup Power Station 2200W/2200Wh
EGRETECH Sonic 2200 Backup Power Station 2200W/2200Wh

EGRETECH Sonic 2200 Backup Power Station 2200W/2200Wh

$999.00 $1,199.00
• 2200 watt-hour capacity
• Pure sine wave AC output
• G Flow Inverter 3600 Watt Peak Overload
• Equipped with BMS 12fold protection
• Simultaneous use of 14 outlets
Free US Local Shipping
30 Days Free Return and Exchange
Commitment to warranty within 2+2 years

Smaller Size, Greater Capacity

Brand New Self-Developed Inverter, 20% Smaller; High Internal Space Utilization, Improved Stacking Design. Space-Saving, Easy to Carry, Maximizing Travel Convenience

Emergency Backup Power for a Variety of Devices

Be Prepared for Power Outages with Ease - Home scenarios, coffee machines, refrigerators, and microwaves can all function seamlessly.

Boosted by Bidirectional Inverter Charging Technology,G-flow

Charging with a single cable directly into the socket, Bid farewell to bulky adapters and travel lighter. 80% charge in just 1 hour, close to full charge in around 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Multi-layered BMS intelligent battery management system compliant with vehicle standards.

Real-time monitoring of battery status, immediate intelligent protection against anomalies, ensuring safe power supply for your journey: Overvoltage during charging, overcurrent during charging, Overcurrent during discharging, high-temperature protection, low-temperature protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection.

Comprehensive Interface Variety for All Your Needs

2200W high-power AC output, comprehensive interface configuration, everything you need for a typical home charging experience: power multiple devices with just one unit. Supports simultaneous AC and DC outputs.
EGRETECH Sonic 2200 Portable Power Station
Battery Information
Capacity 43.2V;51Ah;2203.2Wh
Cell Chemistry Lithium battery
Lifecycles >1000 cycles to 80%
Management System BMS, over voltage protection, short circuit protection..
Charging Time
AC charger(1800W Max) ≈1.67h
Car charger(400W×2 Max) ≈21h
solar Panel(400W×2 Max) 3~4h
AC output(×4) 120V/60hz,2200W Max,Pure sine wave
USB-A output (×4): 24W Max
USB-C output(×2): 100W Max
DC5525 output(×2): 60W Max
Car output(×1): 132W Max
WLC output(×1): 15W Max
AC input(×1): 1800W Max
PV input(×2): 400W Max
Basic Information
Net weight ≈46.30lbs(21kg)
Dimensions 16.61×11.34×11.93in(422×288×303mm)
Operating Temperature(Discharging) 14-104℉(-10℃-40℃)
Operating Temperature(charging) 32-104℉(0℃-40℃)
Certification FCC;ROHS;CE;PSE;UN38.3
Warranty 24 months
Optional Accessory Egretech 400W Portable solar panel
User Manual
EGRETECH Sonic 2200 Portable PowerStation 2200w/2200Wh User Manual Download Now >>
What is in the box?
EGRETECH Sonic 2200 Portable Power Station
1、Sonic 2200W * 1
2、Operation manual &warranty card * 1
3、AC cable * 1
4、Car charger to XT60 cable * 1
Is the Sonic 2200W suitable for camping?

Yes, the Sonic 2200W is a set of devices designed for camping enthusiasts and those living off-grid. With an impressive 2200Wh capacity and a powerful 2500W AC output, the Sonic 2200W is the ultimate solution for all your power needs, whether you're outdoors or at home.

What will be the noisy level?

It has a smart fan start mode. The fan turns on/off according to the internal temperature and load. The maximum noise level of 43 dB will not bother you.

Whether the product is certified?

All products sold by Egretech are CE certified. Before leaving the factory, we will go through 3 more quality checks. Only after the quality inspection will the product be shipped to the USA. Warehouse sale, S2200 comes with 4 years warranty, if you buy our products and have any quality problems within 4 years, please feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you with your after-sales problems.

Whether the product can be staged?

You can use Klarna installment payment, all of our products support Klarna's 4 payment methods, after filling in the address and selecting that payment method, then you can make the payment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the customer service center email: Service@egretech.com.

How many solar panels can be connected?

Unlike other products, the Sonic 2200W supports the connection of two solar panels. Charging is faster, so you don't have to worry about the power.