Product Related
1.Why does the fan keep cycling and the device get hot when I switch on the power without connecting the device?

Please don't worry, it's normal to have a little bit of temperature, our fan will run when the temperature reaches a certain point to keep the equipment running. Our equipment is verified and tested, with relevant certificates, please rest assured that you can use.

2.Is the product certified?

All products sold by Egretech have CE certification. The attachment is the CE certification of P300. Please don’t worry about the quality of the product. We will also go through 3 quality inspections before leaving the factory. Only after quality inspection will the products be sent to the United States. Warehouse sales, of course, we also provide 2 years of after-sales service, (S2200 even provides 4-year warranty service) If you buy our products and have any quality problems within 2 years, please feel free to contact us, we will be very happy to help you Solve after-sales problems.

3.Why does the Egretech battery display show error code E35?

This situation is generally due to the equipment power supply power is too high battery can not output so high power display overload, general use before you need to understand your equipment is how much power, and then use. If there is a problem, please contact Service@egretech.com. Official customer service to help you deal with, he will give you further solutions.

Order Related
1.Why did you receive only one package and not the other?

Due to the battery nature of our products, they cannot be shipped with solar panels. We ship it in two packages for you. If you don't receive it, you can ask the official customer service by email: Service@egretech.com. He will provide you with the appropriate solution.

2.How to use the discount code?

Our website will have discounts for the first purchase and the corresponding code will be displayed under the product page. You must copy the code and paste the code into the discount code box at checkout and it will be automatically deducted before you process the payment. If you have a discount code given to you by the official customer service, use it in the same way as described earlier. Please note that only one coupon code can be used for an order, you cannot combine multiple coupon codes for additional discounts. Coupon codes are only valid on our official website. If you have any other questions, please contact us via email at Service@egretech.com.

3.Whether the product can be staged?

You can pay with Klarna, all of our products support Klarna's 4 payment methods, fill in the address and choose the payment method, fill in the appropriate information to make installments!

Shipping Related
1.Why is my package still pending?

If your package has been waiting for more than 5 business days, it may be lost or delayed due to logistical issues. For further assistance, please feel free to contact us at Service@egretech.com.

2.Tracking shows delivered but not received, where can lfind my order?

If the tracking details show that the package has been delivered, but you are unable to locate the package, we recommend that you wait a few business days as FedEx may delay delivery. We also recommend that you check the surrounding area and ask your neighbors to see if the package was accidentally delivered to the wrong address. If you have not received your package after this time, please contact Service@egretech.com for further instructions.

3.ls signature service required for deliveries?

Our S1200 models and above will have a signed receipt service