Egretech Sonic 1500W Portable Power Station 1500W/1619Wh+200W Portable Solar Panel

Egretech Sonic 1500W Portable Power Station 1500W/1619Wh+200W Portable Solar Panel

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• 1500W /1619Wh large capacity
• 400W Max Solar input
• Solar Charge 4~5 Hrs
• Can be used as a home backup power source
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Featuring a lithium iron phosphate battery with over 3000 life cycles, fast charging mode, UPS functionality, and 7 outputs. Durable and convenient, it ensures stable device operation and meets the needs of multiple devices. Power up your work and life with endless energy.


Experience unparalleled convenience on your outdoor journeys with the foldable egretech 200W solar panel. Featuring six foldable sections, this innovative solar panel is designed for effortless transport, ensuring you have access to sustainable energy wherever you go. Say goodbye to bulky equipment and hello to lightweight adventure companions. Explore the world with ease, powered by the sun, with the egretech 200W solar panel by your side.


Unlock the full potential of solar energy with the cutting-edge egretech 200W solar panel boasting an impressive energy conversion rate of up to 23%! Whether you're camping, hiking, or embarking on a road trip, this high-efficiency solar panel ensures you harness every ray of sunlight to power your adventures. With its innovative design and superior performance, the egretech 200W solar panel guarantees you'll never be left in the dark. Experience the pinnacle of solar technology and elevate your outdoor experience today!

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Join the green revolution and embrace clean, renewable energy with egretech 200W solar panels!
EGRETECH Sonic 1500 Portable Power Station
Battery Information
Capacity 35.2V;46Ah;1619Wh
Cell Chemistry LFP battery
Lifecycles >3500 cycles to 80%
Management System BMS, over voltage protection, short circuit protection..
Charging Time
AC charger(1200W Max) ≈1.67h
Car charger(800W Max) ≈14h
solar Panel(800W Max) 2~3h
AC output(×2) 120V/60hz,1500W Max,Pure sine wave
USB-A output (×2): 24W Max
USB-C output(×2): 100W Max
Car output(×1): 132W Max
AC input(×1): 1200W Max
PV input(×1): 800W Max
Basic Information
Net weight ≈33.07lbs(15kg)
Dimensions 11.81×8.46×9.76in(300×215×248mm)
Operating Temperature(Discharging) -4-131℉(-20℃-55℃)
Operating Temperature(charging) 14-131℉(-10℃-55℃)
Certification FCC;ROHS;CE;PSE;UN38.3
Warranty 24 months
Optional Accessory Egretech 400W Portable solar panel
User Manual
EGRETECH Sonic 1500 Portable PowerStation 1500w/1619Wh User Manual Download Now >>
What is in the box?
EGRETECH Sonic 1500 Portable Power Station
1、Sonic 1500W * 1
2、Operation manual &warranty card * 1
3、AC cable * 1
4、Car charger to XT60 cable * 1