Egretech Sonic 100W Portable Solar Panel
Egretech Sonic 100W Portable Solar Panel
Egretech Sonic 100W Portable Solar Panel
Egretech Sonic 100W Portable Solar Panel
Egretech Sonic 100W Portable Solar Panel
Egretech Sonic 100W Portable Solar Panel
Egretech Sonic 100W Portable Solar Panel
Egretech Sonic 100W Portable Solar Panel
Egretech Sonic 100W Portable Solar Panel

Egretech Sonic 100W Portable Solar Panel

$119.00 $249.00
• Foldable and portable
• Powerful high conversion efficiency
• Folds up into a storage backpack
• Waterproof and durable
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Commitment to warranty within 2 years

Sustainability, Green, and Environmental Protection

At Egretech, we prioritize sustainability, green initiatives, and environmental protection. We firmly believe in the power of green energy to shape a brighter future. That's why we're committed to providing high-quality sustainable energy solutions that make a positive impact on your life and community.

Compact and Lightweight

Introducing our compact and lightweight 100W solar panel, designed for effortless travel. Whether you're hiking, camping, or exploring off-grid, our portable solar panel ensures you can enjoy green energy wherever you roam.

Go Green Anywhere

Designed to be portable and foldable, it's the perfect solution for adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and eco-conscious individuals. Whether you're camping in the wilderness, RVing on the open road, or simply enjoying a day at the beach, our solar panel allows you to harness the power of the sun and reduce your carbon footprint.


The mount is ingeniously designed, allowing for easy adjustments of the tilt and orientation to accommodate the changing angles of sunlight exposure throughout different seasons and times of the day.

3 Plug Types to Accommodate Various Appliances with Our 100W Solar Panel

100W solar panel features three different output plug types, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of appliances. Whether you're charging your phone, running a laptop, or powering small electronic devices, our solar panel has you covered. With versatile output options, you can make the most out of your solar energy system and stay connected wherever you go.

100W Solar Panel for Pair with Other Egretech Products

Egretech 100-watt solar panel is ideally paired with the Plume 300, Sonic 600, and Sonic 1200 models to create a robust and versatile energy system.
EGRETECH Sonic 100W solar panel
Solar Panel Information
Open Circuit Voltage: 20.8V
Short Circuit Current: 6A
Solar Panel Plug: MC4 (16AWG; Wire Length: 260mm)
Adapter: MC4 plug on one end; the other ends are XT60.Anderson Connector, DC5521 Plug(16AWG; Wire Length: 2,000mm)
Basic Information
Battery Type Mono-crystalline Silicon cell
Net Weight: 5.4Kg
Folded Size: L505xW282xH73mm
Unfold Size: L1,900xW505xH25mm
Panel Material: ETFE Bright Panel
Backing Material Fabric
Certification: FCC; CE; UKCA; PSE; IC; ROHS;
Working Temperature: -20°C~60°C
User Manual
EGRETECH 100W solar panel User Manual Download Now >>
What is in the box?
EGRETECH 100W solar panel
1、PSP 100W*1
2、Instruction manual &warranty card * 1
3、Cable * 1
Is lt Waterproof?

Yes, but do not expose the solar panels to rain or snow.

Can l install it on the roof?

Solar panels are not supported for roof mounting.

Can I use Egretech solar panels to charge a third-party power station?

Yes, as long as they have the MC4 connector and an output specification that supports Egretech solar panels, they will work fine.

Are 100W solar panels compatible with charging stations of those capacities?

Egretech 100W solar panels are compatible with capacities from 200Wh-600Wh. In Egretech stores, the P300W and 600W are best suited to be connected to 100W solar panels.

How do l maximize the efficiency of solar panels?

These steps will help you get the most out of your solar panels: 1. Set up your panels correctly: The orientation as well as the angle it tilts at should be right. 2. Avoid shadow areas: Any amount of shadow will affect solar panel production. 3. Keep your panels clean: Dirt or debris reduces the panel’s efficiency. 4. Don’t get panels too hot: Good air circulation or a cool atmosphere around panels will help.