With egretech, we aspire to be a leading youthful energy technology brand globally,Setting trends and providing stylish, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions to young consumers worldwide. Our products embody innovation and uniqueness, focusing on youthful designs and portability, infusing energy technology with vibrancy to drive the future of energy with youthful spirit.

Dear Customers,

My name is Steve, a seasoned electronics engineer hailing from China. Over the past several decades, I have dedicated myself to a multitude of projects within the electrical engineering sector. Approximately five years ago, during my academic tenure in the United States, I became acutely aware of the substantial challenges pertaining to energy consumption faced by individuals in various American regions. It was in this context that I crossed paths with Yilin and Raiden, colleagues who not only echoed my concerns but also shared a profound enthusiasm for advancements in energy technology and the resolution of pertinent energy issues. United by this congruent vision, we collectively resolved to inaugurate our own venture in the realm of energy storage.

The nomenclature for our enterprise, Egretech, is a fusion of "Energetic" and "Technology." This designation encapsulates our unwavering commitment to ameliorating the energy conundrums of our clientele and mirrors the youthful exuberance, dynamism, and innovative spirit inherent to our team.

In the nascent stages of Egretech's development, we embarked on extensive market research. This endeavor entailed voyages to a myriad of countries, inclusive of Japan, Europe, and the United States, with the objective of attending exhibitions to distill invaluable insights into prevailing market trends and the nuanced requirements of our prospective customers. Subsequent to an exhaustive series of investigative research, we were elated to unveil the Plume and Sonic series to the market. The Plume 300w, distinguished by its sleek design, minimalist aesthetics, and a fashion-forward approach to portability, garnered effusive acclaim and recognition from our esteemed customer base. This milestone in our commercial journey is a source of immense pride to us, yet we are cognizant that it signifies merely the commencement of a long and promising odyssey.

Egretech, P.M.

Exhibitions in which Egretech participates in 2023

1.March 15-17, 2023:Japan New Energy Expo

2.April 12-14, 2023:Guangzhou Electronics Fair


3.April 11-April 17, 2023: Global Sources Hong Kong Spring Fair


4.September 12-17, 2023:North American Outdoor Show


5.November 28-30, 2023: ISPO, Munich, Germany


6.raise+camping 2023 in Germany


7.January 9-12, 2024:ces Exhibition


8.January 28-31 2024: American RV Show


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