Warranty Policy

Warranty Period
Egretech promises a 2-year warranty for all products, which is calculated from the date of purchase. In order to determine the start date of the warranty period, the consumer is required to provide proof of the sales receipt for the first purchase.
Non-warranty Regulations
1. The product exceeds the warranty period specified by the Company;
2. Damage caused by unauthorized repair and unauthorized modification;
3. The original serial number label of the product is altered or forged;
4. Performance damage caused by improper storage, such as product being exposed to abnormal humidity and temperature for a long time;
5. Damage caused by artificial abuse and misuse without following the operation manual;
6. Exterior damage caused by abnormal use, damage due to man-made collision, damage caused by force majeure.
7. Damage caused by force majeure factors, such as damage caused by lightning strikes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.
Warranty Policy
We will provide warranty service for performance failures of products used normally by consumers within the warranty period. If the product is damaged due to improper use by consumers, appropriate repair fee will be charged if repair is needed.
(For specific fee requirements, please contact service@egretech.com for negotiation)
How to Obtain Warranty Service
If you have warranty needs, please feel free to contact our customer service, service@egretech.com.

*Egretech may reserve the right for the modify and final explanation.

Battery Maintenance Tips

Please follow these four tips to keep your idle battery in good condition:
1.Keep the main power off

● Alwarys turned off power to avoid power loss and battery loss.

2. Pay attention to safety when storing in the car

●Keep the products from direct sunlight when it is stored in the car.

3.charge and discharge appropriately when idle

● Perform moderate charge and discharge every 3 to 6 months to activate the battery and ensure its normal operation.

4.Recommended storage environment and temperature

●Ternary lithium battery energy storage power supply is recommended to be stored in an environment of -20-50 degrees Celsius;
●lithium iron phosphate battery outdoor power supply is recommended to be stored in an environment of -10-60 degrees Celsius.

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