Why It's Worth Buying a Solar Generator Kit?

by yiling yu on April 02, 2024


With global pollution worsening, it's everyone's responsibility to choose clean energy to lighten the burden on the environment. In this article, we'll explore why purchasing a portable solar generator kit is a wise choice.

Saving Energy Costs


Buying a solar generator kit can significantly save energy costs. For example, suppose you purchase a set with a 100W solar panel. If the solar panel works for 12 hours a day under sufficient sunlight, according to the rated power of the solar panel, it can generate about 1200Wh of electricity (100W * 12 hours = 1200Wh). Assuming your electricity rate is $0.1 per kilowatt-hour, then this 1200Wh of electricity is equivalent to $0.12 in electricity costs. Through this method, you can clearly see that using solar energy can save you a considerable amount on electricity bills.

Environmental Protection, Choosing Clean Energy

With increasing concern about environmental issues, choosing clean energy has become urgent. Solar energy is one of the cleanest energy sources available, as its use doesn't produce greenhouse gases or other pollutants, helping to reduce negative environmental impacts. By investing in a solar generator kit, you're actively participating in the Earth's protection.

Easy Installation, Convenient Use

The installation of a solar generator kit is straightforward, requiring little to no specialized knowledge. You simply need to place the solar panel in a sunny location and connect it to the power station to start using it. This portable solution allows you to use clean energy anytime, anywhere you need it.

Matching Suggestions

To maximize the efficiency of the solar generator kit, it's advisable to choose the appropriate size of the solar panel based on the power station's capacity. Specifically, if your power station capacity is between 200-600Wh, it's recommended to pair it with a 100W solar panel; if the capacity is between 600Wh to 1500Wh, a 200W solar panel is recommended; and if the capacity exceeds 1500Wh, a 400W solar panel is recommended. This matching ensures you make full use of solar energy to meet varying electricity demands, achieving more efficient energy collection and storage.

power station capacity

solar panel



600Wh -1500Wh


exceeds 1500Wh




Purchasing a solar generator kit is a worthwhile investment. Not only does it save energy costs and protect the environment, but it also provides convenient usage. By pairing it with appropriately sized solar panels, you can maximize solar energy utilization, providing reliable clean energy for your home or business purposes. Take action now to contribute to the Earth and the future!